30 second interview with David McLeman, CEO, Ancoris

David McLeman is CEO and founder of Ancoris, an award-winning cloud services provider and one of the leading Google Cloud Premier Partners in the UK. He'll be part of the 15:45 panel discussion: Marketing for Managed Services - what should your marketing plan look like?


1. What was your first ever job?
A software engineer for Logica in the early 80's working on the kernel of the UNIX operating system

2. Why did you get into the channel world?
I decided to set out on my own after 15 years in senior country management roles for UK tech companies

3. What does your current role entail?
I'm on the board of businesses: CEO of Ancoris, one of Google Cloud's leading UK Cloud Service Provider partners and also on board of Appogee HR, a SaaS HR business which supports the management of SMB businesses.

4. What have been the most significant challenges for the channel in recent years?
Transition from the former transactional reseller model to value added managed services in the cloud era

5. What can our delegates expect from your presentation/panel?
Marketing for Managed Services: a discussion about the balance between inbound, outbound (in a post GDPR era) and ecosystem marketing for cloud services