30 second interview with Craig Aston, Chief Operations Officer, Celerity Ltd

Craig Aston, a Chartered Accountant, has been in sales and business leadership roles within the IT industry for nearly 20 years. He spent 14 years at IBM, both working for IBM Global Financing (sales and sales management roles) and also in IBM's Systems Group as a sales leader.


1. What was your first ever job?

Waiter and Washer upper at a College

2. Why did you get into the channel world?

When working for IBM Global Financing we had significant dealings with the IT Channel, this led to a number of channel contacts being made, which then continued in my work with IBM Systems Group.

3. What does your current role entail?

Overall responsibility for running the Celerity business, including Sales, Finance, HR, Legal, Technical and Business Operations.

4. What have been the most significant challenges for the channel in recent years?

There are a number of significant challenges in the Channel currently, including the move the Cloud, the skills gap that exists particularly in Sales, and the changing margin models of the major vendors. Out of these for me the change of model from Resale to Managed service and then into Cloud is both the biggest challenge and also the biggest opportunity for the Channel, with the changing business model leading to changes in customer behaviour which potentially has serious implications for the Channel. 

5. What can our delegates expect from your presentation/panel?

Brutal Honesty around what has and hasn't worked, plus hopefully some insight into both larger and small businesses.