MSP North is returning on 26 June 2019

Taking your Managed Services business to the next level



About the 2019 Conference


With the managed services space fast-commoditising, how to add value and differentiate in an increasingly crowded market is the question that keeps MSP bosses awake at night.

Bringing together experts from the fields of marketing, private equity and the MSP community itself, this year's MSP North Conference will look at how business owners can best go about future-proofing their MSP business.

How to build a successful MSP or MSSP business that is trusted by customers, respected by peers and suppliers, boasts high levels of recurring revenue, is skilled at attracting new logos in a post-GDPR environment, and is valued by potential investors, will be among the key topics of the day.


Through a mixture of keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions we will be sharing insight on:

  • How to transform from a hardware provider and build recurring revenues around managed services and cloud
  • Whether to use a ‘master MSP' or offshore your service desk
  • How to win new customers in a post-GDPR world
  • Exit strategy: how to maximise the value of your MSP/MSSP for a potential exit
  • How to purse a partner-to-partner or peer-to-peer model




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