30 second interview with Todd McQuikin, CEO, Air-IT.



Todd specialises in service delivery and customer experience strategies and will be sharing with the audience why the customer experience must be the key KPI for measuring success of your business.

Todd is CEO of Air-IT Ltd an award-winning UK MSP that was one of the early adaptors of PSA and FFA for IT & Communication services.

1. What was your first ever job?

Femcare a UK medical device manufacturer with Sales & Marketing and worldwide distribution. Working for our family business in many different departments and learning from my Father gave me the foundations for what laid ahead in my business career.

2. Why did you get into the channel world?

After working on the project to outsource Femcare's IT I realised there was a gap in the market for managed IT services aimed at the SMB market. From the off in 2005 we offered a fix price for IT including Director reporting, now known as VCIO services. Starting my business on a recurring model was the single most important part of why we have been able to grow at over 20% a year since 2005. This model was the driving force in enabling us to grow to over 5.5 million without bringing in sales people.

3. What does your current role entail?

I am CEO for Air-IT and continue to drive our strategic aspirations. I am also a senior consultant for Air-MSP. Air-MSP work with aspiring tech companies that want to become true MSP's. I run MSP Mastermind Sessions, the Centre of Excellence for Service Delivery and the UK ConnectWise Automat Geek squad (a specialist automation peer group).

4. What have been the most significant challenges for the channel in recent years?

Developing a Service desk offering and resisting the pull towards outsourcing the desk & NOC when times were tough and scaling becomes difficult.

5. What can our delegates expect from your presentation/panel?

An honest, straight talking assessment of where I believe the market is today and where I think it is heading. I also have strong views on building your business through your local & national marketing effort and not by employing direct sales people. I believe that selling Managed Services should be is a consultancy focused sale. Pressure sales, hunters or using the VAR sales approach do not work in our world. My approach may be contentious with some of my peers - I will be happy to debate with the panel and the delegates on the day.