30 second interview with Helen Slinger, Director of IT Product Supply Business, BT



1. What was your first ever job?
I worked on my family farm from the minute I could walk but my first official job was as a driver doing horse and carriage weddings.

2. Why did you get into the channel world?
It was completely by accident. I took a temporary role at Crown computers and never left!

3. What does your current role entail?
It's a really varied role. I'm ultimately responsible for delivering the number for BT's Product Supply Business so a lot of my time is spent coaching, mentoring and leading the team to achieve results. I also spend a lot of my time in London acting as an ambassador for the business and looking for opportunities to work with other sales channels across BT.

4. What have been the most significant challenges for the channel in recent years?
The pace and scale of change in technology has been significant and the challenge is equipping our people with the relevant skills. We're no longer box shifting but selling solutions that are increasingly complex. We need to ensure our teams have the right knowledge to be able to guide customers through the complexity.

5. What can our delegates expect from your presentation/panel?
Honesty. I'm from the North and we say it how it is.