1. What was your first ever job?

I was a paperboy for a free local newspaper receiving a whole 1.5p per paper delivered meaning I had to haul a LOT around to make it anywhere near worth my while (and was only in the 90s!)


2. Why did you get into the IT world?

At the time I left University (Business Management Degree) it was evident to me that IT was becoming ‘the big thing' that will drive business. It seems bizarre to even have had that as consideration these days. I therefore targeted my efforts to IT Companies and roles and was hired into IBM.


3. What does your current role entail?

I have a bit of a mixture of roles at the moment, in essence I lead part of our ATM Maintenance business in the UK but I am involved in all our new business engagements in that industry and I also drive innovation programmes to adopt technology for clients and our field force.


4. What have been the most significant challenges for my operation area in recent years?

Scale and flexibility. Our clients need cost effective solutions for maintenance that cover 24x7 and the complete United Kingdom geography. We need to scale to different technologies with an ever growing field force that require niche skills. Therefore ways to improve efficiency, flexibility and knowledge management are critical.


5. What can our delegates expect from your presentation/panel?

To understand one of our key emerging technologies in field force maintenance - Augmented Reality. We use this today but is still being developed and I will be showing a live demonstration (hopefully!) of the technology to help delegates understand how this benefit in our field operation can also benefit them.