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Thank you to everyone that attended the 2019 event.

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As the traditional MSP model of selling hardware becomes increasingly redundant, it's vital for organisations to know where to make their next move. With the digital landscape changing so rapidly it can be a real challenge to keep pace and confidently make growth decisions. What solutions should an MSP be offering? With the exponential growth of cyber-threats, should organisations be looking to provide security solutions? Or perhaps evolving into MSSPs? 


Beyond the scope of new opportunities created with clients, are MSPs utilising these tech developments internally? Organisations are forgetting that driving transformation occasionally needs to start from within. Reflection and prediction of how strategy can be improved with fresh technology could be the key to successfully moving forward. 


But what's the most important thing of every MSP? Its people. Whilst it's essential to be driving business success, if the workforce aren't supported then the business won't be either. As clients become more and more reliant on technology MSPs are finding themselves under increasing pressure. With 1 in 5 CISOs reporting a mental or physical illness due to stress, ensuring cultural wellbeing has never been so relevant. 


Join us for Webroot CRN On: The Future MSP to discuss some of the most pressing issues within the MSP industry. This half day conference is an excellent opportunity to share experiences, learn, and network with peers. Alongside exclusive CRN Research you'll gain insight from expert panels and real case studies on:   


  • Fuelling growth through security services.
  • The changing digital landscape.
  • Improving your marketing strategy including digital marketing and social media.
  • Coping with increasing pressure and striving for cultural well-being.



This is a FREE to attend conference for all VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, and Resellers.



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