Welcome and opening remarks


CRN research


End user keynote. What makes a good IT Supplier?

  • How does the process of selecting IT suppliers work?
  • Why companies choose to work with a supplier?
  • What are the most important factors in selecting an IT supplier?
  • Who gets involved in the decision making process?


Sponsor presentation


Using social media to market and sell to customers

Alisha Dattani, CEO, FMXA

  • Can social media help in hitting your sales targets? How?
  • How do you measure returns from social media marketing?
  • What are the best practices for social selling and marketing?


Workshop. Building a top sales team

Peter Grundy, CEO, the Partnership

  • Given the changing face of the channel and new buying behaviour, what does "good" look like in sales practice?
  • What new skills are necessary to successfully transition from traditional channel sales to a services' sell?
  • The psychology of building a relationship when following up with leads.
  • Blending personalities and styles to form an effective sales team


Coffee break and networking


Workshop. Aligning sales and marketing to drive success

Mike Broomfield, Managing Director, Intellegentia

  • How to market to your buyers?
  • Lead nurturing - practical ways to keep leads engaged before they are ready to buy
  • How to make your sales and marketing more effective?
  • Measuring ROI and effectiveness of your marketing


Panel discussion. Sales and marketing strategies in the digital era

  • How should you be changing your approach to sales and marketing at a time when buyers are radically shifting how they consume and procure IT?
  • How do you grab end users' attention when cold calling and email no longer work?
  • Is it getting harder to influence customers, and if so, how do you overcome that?


Closing remarks


Lunch and networking